SBBS Main MenuThis server provides support for the GameNet BBS Network service. What is GameNet about? It is a FTN/QWK network for BBS's with a games & gaming focus. If you run a BBS we would love to have you join us. If you don't run a BBS but do use them and the BBS you are a member of doesn't have GameNet available, ask them to add it and send them to us :)




Download the subscription & registration packet here



Area number Area name
1001 Amiga
1002 Android
1003 Apple
1004 Nintendo
1005 Retro
1006 Sony
1007 Windows
1008 Other
1009 Action
1010 Adventure
1011 Arcade
1012 Board Games
1013 Card Games
1014 Casual
1015 Door Games
1016 First Person Shooter
1017 Massively Multiplayer Online
1018 Party
1019 Platform
1020 Puzzle Games
1021 Role Playing Games
1022 Shooter
1023 Simulation
1024 Sports
1025 Strategy Games
1026 Trivia Games
1027 Testing!
1028 Emulators
1029 MUDs
1030 Minetest / Minecraft
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